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Since APSs are committed to providing quality education to Army personnel’s wards, it is a constant endeavour at APS Sri Ganganagar to simultaneously address issues such that all round development ensues resulting in continuous growth of the institution.

Technology in education is an area of great current focus and the school has ensured the implementation of technology in many relevant spheres.

The school had equipped eight classrooms in the first phase (one third of the total number as laid down by AWES) as digital classrooms in Mar 2012 and in the second phase of expansion, nine more classrooms had been converted to digital classrooms in Jul 2013, remaining 10 classroom will be converted into digital classrooms by the end of of September 2014 , thus equipping two thirds of our classrooms in complete concurrence with AWES stipulations. Our teachers are adept at handling the hardware/software and extensively use this modern teaching aid to the benefit of their students. In addition most teachers are equipped with personal laptops and use them in their routine duties.

The staff room has been provided wi-fi connectivity with the installation of a second wireless modem other than the one in the office, to enable teachers to work on their laptops in free time.

The fully automated library has been further upgraded and e-library installed with three computers. Latest editions of books aimed at preparing students for the NDA written examination as well as other competitive examinations have been procured along with good English fiction books to encourage children of all ages to read. The computer labs have been improved with the addition new computers and up-gradation of other computers. New equipment and furniture has also been procured for the three science labs.

Present Status of School Building (AMWP)

The school has been shifted from old loc to New School Campus wef 01 Jan 2021. The infrastructure of the school includes the following:-

  • Reception
  • Adm Office
  • Principal’s Office
  • Chairman’s Office
  • Staff Room
  • Infirmary
  • Conference Room
  • Visitor’s Room
  • Inclusive Education Resource Room
  • 28 Classrooms
  • 09 Laboratories
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • ATL & Robotics Lab
  • Art & Craft Room
  • Tuck Shop
  • Misc Stores

Library upgradation (Wi-fi, computers automation progress etc)

  • The school library is fully automated.
  • Wi-fi connectivity is available.
  • E-library facility is available with 03 computers.
  • 08 x Tablets for e-book
  • 05 Kindles