Welcome to Army Public School

About The School

  1. The School started by the name of Sudarshan Chakra Primary School  in the year 1977 at Gobindgarh, Abohar.
  1. The School was renamed as Army Primary School on receipt of grants from Army Welfare Education Society (AWES), Army HQ during the year 1980-81.
  1. The School was rechristened as Army School, Sri Ganganagar on 26 July 1990 and Army Public School Sri Ganganagar wef 01 Jul 2011.
  1. The School was recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) up to Class VIII wef 01 Apr 1996, Secondary level wef 01 Apr 2000 and Senior Secondary level wef 01 Apr 2002. However the first batch of class X passed out in 2002 and the first batch of class XII (Science stream  Medical & Non-Medical) passed out in 2005.

Sports & Hobby-Clubs

APS Sri Ganganagar has been successfully running Hobby Clubs since Jul 2010 using both, the station facilities (golf, swimming, shooting), as well as the school resources (sports, music, dance, art, skating and dramatics). These Hobby Clubs go a long way in enhancing the overall personality of our students and honing specific talents.


The School has 50 NCC Cadets (Boys & Girls). The School has also 16 Scout (Boys). Every 10 days Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) is organized in the month of Sep/Oct. For 02 Years A Certificate Course, one CATC camp is attended by all cadets.