With endeavour to promote scientific attitude in  young and dynamic scientist  APS, Sri Ganganagar  held a ‘Interclass Science and Social Science  Exhibition Competition’ for classes VI – XII  on  19 January  2018.
The corridors were  arrayed with  dynamic models . Scientific  technology  was made  handy by the creative  scientists   by  making  still as well as working models viz. mixer grinder,  floor cleaner,  vacuum cleaner , wind mill, water, rain and fire  alarms,  eclipse,  water harvesting , single and triple wheel cycle  etc.  Climatic  condition in different states, arrival of monsoon in India, development in rural areas etc.  models of Social Science dragged scrutinizers attention.
The eminent  judges of the exhibition grilled the students on all the aspects of criteria meant for the judgement  and were contended to get students’ response. Dr. Vinita Chaturvedi,  APS Principal complimented  the  participants for showing  extreme enthusiasm.

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