Principal Desk

From the Principal’s Desk

Rome was not built in a day; likewise, surely it took years of rigorous sweat and hard work for Army Public School, Sri Ganganagar to be at the pinnacle of glory in the vicinity today. A school is about the quality of learning and teaching, but it is also about creating a warm, enthusiastic and exciting environment in which children can learn, create and innovate to succeed. It must be committed to providing a quality education with high expectations and belief in the importance of both cognitive and affective learning; it must be dedicated to educating and providing its students with a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment; it should offer the learners a range of activities and opportunities designed to promote excellence, success, confidence and self-esteem.  And, this is what Army Public School, Sri Ganganagar has been catering to, for years.

It gives me a great sense of pride on being a part of the organisation of such a great distinction. Keeping in mind the repute of the institution, the role of a principal stands to be the most significant. One needs to hold the deck, at this position, with more of responsibility and utmost carefulness while playing multi roles viz. – a progressive team-leader and source of inspiration to the staff; a friend, guide and psychotherapist to the students; a host with concern to the parents folk; a righteous and obedient subordinate to the superiors; and sentinel to the physical infrastructure within the stricture of the ‘Total Quality Management’ in the standards of sincerity, honesty, dedication and loyalty to the institution.

With this buoyancy, I believe firmly, that Army Public School, Sri Ganganagar would keep unfurling the flag of its glory through its achievements, always.



Army Public School,, Sri Ganganagar