Other Facilities

Sports & Hobby-Clubs

APS Sri Ganganagar has been successfully running Hobby Clubs since Jul 2010 using both, the station facilities (golf, swimming, shooting), as well as the school resources (sports, music, dance, art, skating and dramatics). These Hobby Clubs go a long way in enhancing the overall personality of our students and honing specific talents.

Games and sports are an essential part of our educational training to develop over all personality of the child. There are Inter class, Inter houses and Inter school sports competitions. It gives an ample chance to build good physical stamina, healthy competitive spirit and coach budding talents.

Special efforts are made to give students extra coaching in Athletics, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Skating, Karate, Golf and Tennis etc. by eminent coaches. The school creates plenty of opportunities for the students to carve out a niche for themselves in various house teams.

The school has a program for a good network of games and related activities.Students are kept mentally & physically fit to enable them to make their mark in various competitions. The aim is to infuse in children the desire to become the champions of tomorrow.


The School has 50 NCC Cadets (Boys & Girls). The School has also 16 Scout (Boys). Every 10 days Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) is organized in the month of Sep/Oct. For 02 Years ?A? Certificate Course, one CATC camp is attended by all cadets.