Before proceeding for a cool vacation, APS camflouged a festive look of ‘Christmas’ on 22 Dec.

The building reverberated with ‘ Jingle Bells’ and  ‘Carols’. The swamped body jerks in the dance performances made the air shiver with rhythm. Jubilant Santas’ agog for the toffees distribution were the median centre for the primary grade students. The anchor of class- I  Master Sukhpreet left everyone flabbergasted whereas the guitarist Rishi of class –IX B swinged the mood. The entire throng joined the rendition. The Chrismas tree dangling with balloons, baubles, streamers and gifts embellished the schools’ look.

The principal’ speech quoted humitarian  welfare done by ‘Sardar Dayal Singh Mejithia’ and thankless job of  ‘Invincible Indian Army’ wherever and whenever. He  pervaded greetings for ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’.  The show ceased with exuberant souls buzzing Carols and feasting their muscular extension with the toffees received.

Besides this, a few students of the school were felicitated  for their achievements in the ‘Dhoom Skating Competition’ held at Bihani Children Academy .

S.No Name of the student(s)  & class Name of the competition Achievement
1 Dhruve Raj Singh (VI A) Skating & marathon Gold Medals
2 Yuvraj Singh ( IIIB) Skating & marathon Gold Medals
3 Amender Singh (VII A) Skating & marathon Bronze Medal
4 Krisk Chouragade ( VI B) Skating & marathon Bronze Medal


Moreover, the following students also donned the maiden positions at the ‘ 62nd District Level Badminton Inter- School Tournament’ under -17 fielded at Arorvansh Public School, SGNR from 06- 09 Sep’2017.

Individual positions of the participants is as follow:

  1. Pooja Tanwar First IX A
  2. Muskan Bhati Third VIII A
  3. Tanishika Naiwal Sixth IV C

Position of Army Public School in the tournament – Second

Heartiest congratulations on their commendable achievement!

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