With endeavour to promote scientific attitude in  young and dynamic scientist  APS, Sri Ganganagar  held a ‘Interclass Science and Social Science  Exhibition Competition’ for classes VI – XII  on  19 January  2018.
The corridors were  arrayed with  dynamic models . Scientific  technology  was made  handy by the creative  scientists   by  making  still as well as working models viz. mixer grinder,  floor cleaner,  vacuum cleaner , wind mill, water, rain and fire  alarms,  eclipse,  water harvesting , single and triple wheel cycle  etc.  Climatic  condition in different states, arrival of monsoon in India, development in rural areas etc.  models of Social Science dragged scrutinizers attention.
The eminent  judges of the exhibition grilled the students on all the aspects of criteria meant for the judgement  and were contended to get students’ response. Dr. Vinita Chaturvedi,  APS Principal complimented  the  participants for showing  extreme enthusiasm.

Painting and Slogan Writing Competition

APS, Sri Ganganagar propagated theme- ‘Nation First’ by organizing Painting  and Slogan Writing Competition on 10 January 2019 on the occasion of Army Day.

The depiction of our army as symbol of dedication, discipline and patriotism in the painting and quotes was lauded by the Principal. This competition was  perfect means to imbibe the great sense of gratitude to the Great Indian Army.

Our Own Plaza

Creativity stepped at APS ,SGNR during  the activity – ‘Our Own Plaza’ held for classes VI-VIII on 21 Dec 2018.  Corridors of VI-VIII became  the platform of their endowment.

Each section put its extreme to set up the plaza. A sense of contentedness was  exhibited on the faces of the students.The activity tapped the minds of students to understand the marketing strategies. The way they were luring the spectators to purchase their items was praiseworthy.  Each and every master piece  was scrutinized and appreciated by the Principal and the staff. A few  eye catchers in the activity were- paper jewellery, craft work, best out of waste items, paintings, greetings etc.

Words indeed constrain to laud  the student’s effort in this activity.  In all the activity  was a strimmer of ace.


Classes I-V seemed redirecting and pondering to give a guess to their friend’s act in the activity – ‘An Act -Show’ on 12 Dec (Wed).

Various topics, situations etc were given to the performer by the teacher at the spot and the act was to be guessed by the opponent team.

The little champs sizzled with a sense of hay on giving a sensible reply. In all, the activity channelized them and they had a great fun.


Music has no boundaries, it is a switch to sway one from gloominess to the land of excitement and thrill. It has the potential to gear up the individual’s performance to max.
‘Playing Instruments’ competition was held for classes VI-X on 26 Oct . The competition was conducted in two categories- category -1 for classes VI-VIII and category -2 for classes IX-X. The participants put their heart into their performances to .The echo of Guitar strings, the beats of tabla , congo, drum, octopad etc. made the audience to analyze the serenity of music.
The winners of category –I were Ayush Abhilashi from class VII A who clinched Ist position, Jahanavi and Arkin from classes VIII B and VIII A respectively won IInd position and Aashita from VI B bagged IIIrd position.
The winners of category – II were Ashutosh from class IX A played drum clinched 1st position, Rishi Bhardwaj of class X B played guitar getting 2nd position and Narayan Tiwari of class IX A played octopad won 3rd position.
At the culmination of the competition the judges congratulated and complimented the participants. The competition indeed achieved its aim to groom future AR Rahamans.


‘Catch me if You Can’ was the phrase that aptly suits the  ‘Inter House Girls  Kho- Kho  Match Competition’  fielded for Classes VIII-X on 11 Oct .  The way girls sprinted and  hawked the opponents compelled the spectators  to unbound themselves for hooting.
The event proved to be moral booster among these young stars and trained them to take curricular and co- curricular hand in hand . The result of competition  was as follow-
1. Ashoka House
2. Shivaji  House
3. Chandra Gupta  House


Races were held for the classes III to V on 10th  Oct . The competition was held in two rounds- section wise and class wise .
Aim of the event was max participation of the students to inculcate in them the essence of true sportsmanship and to create new record breakers . At the end future Milka Singh and Hema Das  were complimented on bagging the positions. The event brimmed  the participants  with the sense of contentedness and dodged the monotonous routine.


Description of one’s dream land infuses tremendous  brain stretching and thus making their move towards a creative land. In this context an activity – ‘ The Place I Love to Visit’ was conducted for classes 1 & 2 on 10 Oct. 2018. The places tiny- tots explained were – fairyland, invisible world, Taj Mahal etc. Their gesture and expression aided  their description and  made the audience spellbound. Each speaker was inquisitive for his/ her chance and the activity in all mean achieved its target.

My Wonderland – My Hand Span

Creativity of Tiny – Tots of grade I- II was witnessed in the ‘ My Hand Span Activity ‘ on 03 Oct.
The enthusiastic artistic made a no. of shapes, designs, and creatures using their Hand Span. The  outcome of this activity was indeed a generator of self satisfaction among the students.

Solo Dance Competition

Dance is the most enthusiastic and expressive means to shower oneself. Adhering to it’s long lasting impact a ‘ Solo Dance Competition’ was held for classes III- V on 03 Oct.
Excitement and merriment seemed accompanying the little dancers on the stage. Diverse performances on wide spectrum of songs like, folk and different forms of dances like Hip- Hop, Bollywood Style, Free Style etc left the on lookers and judges with words of praise.
In all the competition ended with a contented note of clinging its objectives