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Admission Guide


The following category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate(TC) from the previous school, without an admission test:

  • Children who are coming on Pass/Promoted TC from another school with in the period 01 Apr to 31 Jul.
  • Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another APS/KV and are seeking admission after 31 Jul.
  • An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children to facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of sections. However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and a child entitled admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.


  • Transfer Certificate in original should be countersigned by appropriate authority (Distt Education Officer / Regional Officer CBSE) except for APSs/ KVs.
  • Progress Report of the last school attended along with character certificate.
  • Defence Personnel Serving Certificate(if applicable)
  • Dependency certificate in respect of the children of serving personnel.
  • Four passport size photographs.

AGE LIMIT w.e.f APRIL 2009

Age criterion for admission :- On 31st March of the year when admission is sought, the age of the student should be:

Class Age Required

I 5 Year
II 6 Year
III 7 Year
IV 8 Year
V 9 Year
VI 10 Year
VII 11 Year
VIII 12 Year
IX 13 Year
X 14 Year


  • All other categories of children including Army children not covered under admission category may be admitted after an admission test. The Principal will arrange admission tests and decide whether the student can be admitted and if so, to which class. On this point, his/her decision shall be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the annual examination of the class preceding to which admission is sought. However, in no case any child of serving Army personnel or widow will be denied admission. The child will be accepted in a suitable class at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Army children who are to be admitted based on the admission test will be allowed to attend the class based on their Transfer Certificate from the previous school. However their classes for admission would be decided by the Principal within 10 days of their reporting to the school.
  • Admission tests will be held on every Tuesday & Friday and result will be announced the next day. A retest where considered necessary, may be given after seven days of the first admission test.
  • A student has to score 33% marks to clear the entrance test.


Classes Subjects Max Marks(Each Subject)

Primary Classes ( II to V) English , Hindi , Maths 25
Middle Classes (VI to VIII) English , Hindi , Maths and Science 25
Secondary Classes (IX to X) English , Hindi , Maths and Science 25
Senior Sec. Classes (XI to XII) English and Elective Subjects 25